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An Informed Community is a progressive one

Our Story

We support the modern-day expectations of Local Government, helping them succeed with real-time service delivery, engagement, and requests for Citizens, Councilors, and Colleagues.

Our Vision


CivicCentral brings data held in your department, to those who want it,


Our Technology

Designed exclusively to leverage data held in any permitting, land development, government back-office system - we have built a robust, cloud-based, reliable, secure and effective solution.


How it works


Your data is held behind complicated interfaces in your current software system.

CivicCentral is the intuitive, easy to use, efficient modern solution with smarts, exclusively available to local governments. CivicCentral frees up your departments' data to transform engagements with those who seek information into a self-serve, on-demand experience.


Access to what you want, when you want it.

Know when Permits / Applications are filed.

Receive Notifications.

Share Information quickly and easily.

Get Reports instantly.

Be Proactive -or- React Faster, your choice!

Connect Now

Council, Management, & Officials connect with constituents everyday. 

Building trust by being active and open results in great public service.

CivicCentral brings all this together.

Let's connect... to fulfill on-demand your needs


CivicCentral brings

On-Demand, Self Service capability, to address information needs


as a Councilor

as an Official

as a Citizen

as Management

as a Director

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